Ford SVT Raptor proves to be a major hit in China

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Ford SVT Raptor proves to be a major hit in China

Postby azi malik on Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:18 am

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Because the newly rich in China desperately want to stand out, they’re willing to pay inflated prices for certain vehicles. One example is the cult following for Ford’s SVT Raptor, which isn’t offered in dealerships and would have to be imported. This means that one Raptor truck would cost about $160,000 due to the at least 50% in import taxes added. These vehicles have their very own niche in China. Because of the Raptor’s popularity, more units are being imported into China. The increase in supply has made its price somewhat lower. Nevertheless, specialty vehicle interest is increasing in China, as more people get wealthy in the developing Chinese economy. The Hummer had started the trend. These wealthy people hoped to make a statement and this quickly led to the idea that driving a Hummer was the way to do it.

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