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Toyota Hilux double cabin

PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:40 pm
by faheemk
Hi, I am looking for some advise, can any one help me to explain how can I buy a Toyota Hilux double cabin pick up truck for my self from UAE and export it to Pakistan? Which model I will need to buy and how much will it cost me and how the process will be there in Pakistan to release the vehicle from customes as well as what is the easiest and cheapest way to do this. Thanks.

Re: Toyota Hilux double cabin

PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 9:53 pm
by root
Hey Faheem!
Welcome to the forums!

A lot of questions!

For Pakistan you would probably want a right-hand-drive, which you'll not get in the local new or used market, other than the Right-hand market in Al-Awir.

Are you looking for new or used?

Once you find the car, the process out of UAE is pretty simple and most dealers will help you with the proper export papers. The more complicated part is the import into Pakistan, as you'll need to do it under one of the 'schemes' that are allowed by the customs.

Again if you go to the right-hand market, the dealers there would be able to tell you how to do the various 'schemes' and how much it costs. They normally have ways to buy 'gift scheme' allowances from others that they can sell off to you. This is for used vehicles only.